Shan Lin Xi Premium High Mountain Oolong


This crisp, lightly oxidized oolong is grown in the Shan Lin Xi region of Nantou county.  At about 1,800 meters, the cool and humid climate surrounding the region provides the ideal conditions for producing high-quality gao shan cha (high mountain tea).  Shan Lin Xi is light and refreshing with vegetal and mineral notes, and a sweet aftertaste. Its smooth, creamy body is accentuated by cool floral undertones that are very distinctive from other high mountain teas grown in Taiwan.  We recommend brewing this selection in a small porcelain teapot or gaiwan.

Chinese Name:  杉林溪烏龍茶

Origin/ Harvest:  Zhushan Township, Nantou County, Taiwan  台灣南投縣竹山鎮杉林溪 / Spring 2022

Water:  90 - 95°C

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