About Us


We are a small tea shop in Taiwan that specializes in artisan loose leaf tea. 

Our founder migrated to Taiwan in 2010 from the U.S., where he quickly formed a close connection with loose leaf tea.  Realizing the tremendous advantages that quality loose tea has over teabags, he decided to make the most delicious, highest-quality loose teas from Asia easily accessible to Western countries.  Cue the creation of Green Terrace Teas - your one-stop source to the best tea from Taiwan. 


Our shop is founded upon the principle that tea-drinking should be stress-free.

Having too many choices can sometimes be stressful, so let us do the selecting for you.  We choose only to procure the freshest, best quality teas that we can get our hands on.  All our selections are 100% handpicked, SGS certified, and locally produced using sustainable methods.  


Smaller is better.

The advantage of being a small tea shop is that it allows us to simultaneously increase quality and reduce price.  Unlike large tea providers, none of our teas are machine-picked or have added chemicals or flavorings.  Having no warehousing costs and little overhead, we are also able to offer our tea at very competitive prices.  Why get your tea from a large tea retailer when you can get better quality tea for a cheaper price from us?


Our mission.

Tea is an experience as much as it is a drink.  Our mission is not only to share the best loose leaf tea with the rest of the world, but also to educate our customers in the traditions and brewing techniques practiced by tea masters in Asia for hundreds of years. 

Being based in Taiwan, we also care very much about giving back to the local community.  Every year, a portion of all proceeds is donated to charitable organizations that help improve the situation of impoverished or sick families, assist the disabled, protect the environment, and even rescue and care for homeless domesticated animals.  Click here to learn more about our contributions.


Our guarantee.

We guarantee our customers great-tasting tea and exceptional service.  Your opinions are important to us, so please review our products on our website and e-mail us at info@greenterraceteas.com with your thoughts or comments.

Claude Chang
Director, Green Terrace Teas

7F, 145-1, Keelung Road, Secton 2
Taipei, Taiwan, 110
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