Tea Review: Shan Lin Xi Premium High Mountain Oolong by @Amanda July 19 2014

Amanda Wilson is a tea enthusiast from Kansas City with a passion for trying new teas and writing lengthy descriptions about them.  She keeps an organized blog for her tea reviews and posts them on Twitter as @Amanda on a near-daily basis.  Read her full review of our Shan Lin Xi Premium High Mountain Oolong here.


Amanda writes:

"Time for the first steep, and what a light and delicate one it is! It starts out with a very smooth, buttery mouthfeel which matches the sweet creamy taste. This fades to alpine vegetation and then it is like a small explosion of flowers in my mouth. The finish is sweet flower nectar, orchids, and honeysuckle. As with most first steeps of oolongs, I look forward to seeing what kind of journey the leaves will take me on."

"The aroma on the second steep is intense! There is such a strong floral presence that I feel like I have stuck my nose in bouquet of fresh flowers, there are notes of hyacinth, orchid, honeysuckle, and a tiny bit of spicebush. Starting with the mouthfeel (because that really does seem to be the first thing I notice when sipping) it is smooth, a mix between buttery and velvety, it fills up the mouth. The taste on this steep is quite rich, it starts with a strong alpine vegetation note, this transitions to a gentle sweetness and floral notes. After that there is a slightly mineral finish that reminds me of rainwater. The aftertaste is sweet, like honey, and lingers."

"Third steeping time, the aroma is not as intense, but it is a little more varied. There are still strong notes of orchid, but now we have alpine vegetation and a bit of minerals. The aroma of this tea has a great 'transportation' effect, it very much so reminds me of being in the mountains in summer, sitting near a spring, enjoying the blooming flowers. The taste is smooth and buttery, with strong hints of green. It reminds me of fresh growing things. The finish is mineral and a touch of sweet. The mouthfeel this time starts out smooth and fades to a mild dryness at the finish."

"For the fourth and final steep, things are winding down. The aroma is a delicate blend of flowers, sweet honey, and a light finish of mineral. The taste is has returned to delicate, it starts off sweet like flower nectar, this fades to alpine vegetation. The finish is back to sweet, but this time it is honey instead of nectar. This tea took me on a pleasant journey to the mountains during high summer, I am glad for the adventure."